Universal Hair Clinic is a health tourist organization that operates in the guidance, consultancy and organization services for the treatment of people who are planning to come to our country for aesthetic and beauty purposes. It provides services in the fields of hair transplantation and hair treatment. We provide guidance and an organization service that serves without compromising the principle of trustworthiness and honesty.
Universal Hair Clinic guides you to the most appropriate treatment option and method according to your demands and the healthcare solutions you are looking for. Universal Hair Clinic acts meticulously and with a sense of legal liability offering the best treatment of aesthetic and beauty treatments as well as hair transplantation and hair treatments. We provide guidance, counseling and organization services in this regard.
We aim to provide high quality services in line with the high standards of health tourism and hair transplantation in our country. For guests who are travelling from abroad for health tourism, we provide well equipped hospitals and operating rooms, with specialist doctors. In addition to providing information on health services, we also offers a VIP quality service,which provides, pick up to and from the airport and the bus station, accommodation, and excursions.


Head Office

Gaziosmanpaşa - İstanbul, Turkey

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