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DHI Hair Transplantation carried out with an implanter pen is recommended for individuals with thin hair, lacking volume Continued..
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Fue Technique

The most preferred and recommended technique of hair transplantation is Fue Method. More...
Painless Beard Transplantation

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Beard transplantation is done with hair follicles obtained from the person's own cells does not carry any risk. More...
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Painless Hair Transplantation

Sedation Hair Transplantation Process Painless, Needle-free and Painless process is performed. More...
Sapphire Fue

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Sapphire Fue Method is one of the most preferred hair transplantation technology. Plus
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The new shape to be given to the muscle is planned within the anatomical boundaries and taking into consideration the wishes of the patient. More...

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    The DHI Implantation Method & Choi Implanter Pen
    Some define it as the newest method in hair transplantation, some say there is no ‘recognized’ technique called DHI,
    others claim that it is just a marketing gimmick, while a fraction explains the method as; FUE with implanters.
    The debate goes further, where the two methods at its simplest form stand out to be; ‘different ways to harvest the
    grafts’ combined with ‘conducting different implanting procedures’.
    However, our aim for this study is to remain objective and to have a brief and clear understanding on how the
    procedure actually works.
    Unlike the FUE method, during the DHI implantation method, site creation and graft implantation are performed
    simultaneously, i.e. extraction and implantation are combined as part of a one or two step process, embedding the
    extracted hair follicles directly into the receipt areas without the need of creating channel incisions in the donor area
    via utilizing an implanter (choi) pen that features a hollow needle connected to a tub and plunger device. This is why
    the DHI procedure is also referred as the Choi method.
    A Complete Pain Relief Method in Hair Transplantation

    Thanks to the use of sedation given under the direct supervision of our Anesthesiologist, you will no longer feel any
    pain during the administration of local anesthesia prior to the hair transplant procedure. As a consequence, you will
    be having a more comfortable and pain-free hair transplant experience. Even though hair transplants are generally
    considered as painless procedures, this new method will help our patients who suffer from needle phobia, to feel at
    ease, allowing them to relax during the procedure. Owing to this, the level of pain that was currently at minimum is
    now completely eliminated.
    What is Sedation?
    Sedation is the action of producing a state of calm or sleep under controlled sedative drug administration,
    monitoring the depth of sedation with the types of drugs used and the amount given tailored specifically to each
    patient needs.
    Do I Have to Receive Sedation?
    Sedation is efficient and safe even in young children and as we previously mentioned, it assures the patient a
    discomfort free hair transplant procedure with zero pain. But then again, we continue to offer hair transplant
    procedures without sedation for patients who do not prefer. sedation to be administered.

    What Is Hair Transplantation?

    People loose their hair due to a variety of reasons. Hair loss can be seen in both men and women but the hair
    thinning process affects more men throughout their lives. It can affect the individual both physically and mentally. It
    affects 25% of men under the age of 25, 40% under the age of 40, and 50% under the age of 60 years.
    Male patterns of baldness can occur on both sides of the forehead and at the top of the head, as well as the entire
    head. In women, hair loss is more likely to manifest itself in the form of thinning hair.
    Prior to hair transplantation, the type of hair loss is established by a specialist physician. Many diseases, hormonal
    and metabolic disorders and nutritional effects can trigger hair loss. Baldness has an underlying genetic cause that
    prevents the hair from growing back.
    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the latest hair transplantation technique used around the world and here in
    Turkey. The FUE hair-transplanting operation produces natural results. The FUE method transfers live hair follicles
    taken from the scalp and transplants in the hairless part of the scalp one by one. In FUE method, no scalpel is used in
    the donor area. There are no stitches used so there is no mark left in the area from which the hair follicles are taken.
    With very few if any complications to the patient, this operation helps restore the hair of those who suffer from the
    hair loss without interfering with their daily life.
    You can wash your hair 3 days after the operation. With lotion and shampoo recommended by our specialist. You
    should wash your hair once a day for about 10 days, taking extra care around the transplantation area. You should

    also apply the lotion recommended by our specialist, leaving it on for 20 minutes The lotion is absorbed and softens
    the skin. Once this process is complete extra care must be taken to completely rinse the products from the hair.
    After 10 days you can wash your hair with your recommended shampoo as normal.
    If you work in a polluted environment, you should cover your head to protect the transplant area. Do not apply
    hairspray or gel to your hair for the first month.
    After 2-3 weeks, some of the transplanted hairs may fall out, this is quite normal, the transplanted hair will start to
    grow again within 2 months and the final results will be achieved within one year.

    Hair Mesotherapy
    Hair mesotherapy is the injection of various medicines containing hair minerals and vitamins needed to increase the
    blood circulation on the scalp. Mesotherapy is an additional method of improving and controlling hair loss.
    The purpose is to inject vitamins necessary to the scalp.
    With mesotherapy, the vitamins that are missing from the hair follicles are given in small doses directly into the hair
    follicle. It is expected that the effect will be achieved in a short time. Hair Mesotherapy can be applied locally,
    stimulating cell metabolism in the desired region, stopping hair loss, increasing the quality of existing hair and
    activating hair growth.
    Mesotherapy can be beneficial for severe hair loss caused by metabolic problems and sudden hair loss after
    This procedure, which is performed by specialist surgeons, takes around 10-15 minutes. Sessions are administered
    once a week. Depending on the degree of the hair loss, it lasts a total of 8 sessions. The first 4 sessions are
    administered once a week and the remaining 2 sessions are administered every 30 days for the last 2 sessions every
    15 days. Then the treatment is complete.
    It is possible to see positive changes after 4 sessions. Whatever happens, every tissue benefits from vitamins that
    increase oxygenation and stop aging. Hair follicles respond to the vitamins directly injected into the scalp either by
    growing fast or expanding the diameter of the hair follicles.
    The side effects are minimal compared to other methods, and the low cost of superficial intra-dermal or
    subcutaneous administration enhances the active-bioavailability of the drug.

    There are many types of drugs used in mesotherapy. It is important that these drugs are approved by the AFDA
    (American Food and Drug Administration)
    What to Expect after MESOTHERAPY?
    Different type of medications used for hair growth in MESOTHERAPY.
    Just a few weeks after first application improvement of hair is observed.
    After six weeks, new hair begins to grow again in affected areas and become normal hair structure. Applications
    should be repeated as advised by your doctor.
    Indications of Scalp MESOTHERAPY
    Male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia ), early treatment is the most efficient process in men.
    Traction Alopecia (hair loss due to traction or pulling)
    Alopecia areata (Sycosis Vulgaris),
    Post-natal hair loss,
    Diffuse Hair Loss (a general hair loss, more frequent in women)
    Some of the scalp diseases (psoriasis, lichen, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.)
    Who are NOT good candidates for MESOTHERAPY?
    Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, those with immunologic disease, cancer patients, people with diabetes,
    and those having anticoagulant treatment are not suitable patients for MESOTHERAPY.

    What is FUE Hair Transplant Performed With Sapphire Blades?
    The increase in technology advancements taking place each passing day, have paved the way for the development of
    new, innovative hair transplant techniques as well as hair loss treatments.
    Hair transplantation has progressed and evolved dramatically over the years, transforming it into a well-established
    and minimally invasive surgical procedure.
    The FUE method, which is considered one of the most modern and commonly used hair transplant techniques,
    ensuring natural-looking results, has carried its success one step further through the utilization of special devices
    with sapphire blades.
    Sapphire FUE hair transplant: Sapphire FUE is a method that follows the standard FUE procedure but with a twist
    making it preferable over the regular FUE method. The difference is in the material used to make the equipment. As
    the name suggests, sapphire FUE uses blades made from the gemstone sapphire.
    Using sapphires to make the blades influences the shape of the incision. Sapphire blades have a V-shaped tip as
    opposed to the regular U-shaped tip of steel blades. This makes for a much more accurate incision resulting in
    smaller channels and eliminates the risk of irritating neighbouring hair follicles and also reduces scarring.
    Reducing the risk of irritating neighbouring follicles makes this an ideal surgical transplant for men and women
    suffering from recent hair loss.

    Beard transplantation: Beard transplantation is performed in areas where the beard does not grow. This can be for a
    number of reasons including scar tissue following an injury or a burn.
    First, the area for beard transplantation is determined. A drawing of the aesthetic and natural shape of the face of
    the person is prepared.
    The number of follicles to be taken is determined and the transplantation areas is prepared. The follicles to be
    transplanted to the beard are taken from the hairs on the cheekbones and from the nape region.
    Beard hair is not like the hair on the head, its density can vary from person to person. If there is a regional beard
    loss, the density of the beard is adjusted according to the follicles surrounding the area. Between 1500-3000 follicles
    can be transplanted. Transplanting around 3000 follicles gives satisfactory results. No problems should occur
    following the operation, how there may be redness around the operation area for up to a week. Since the follicles
    are taken with tools that have a tip of 0.6-0.7 mm, no scars are left.
    The operation process requires attention and delicacy. The procedure will take about 4-5 hours, depending on the
    plastic surgeon and the team. Before the procedure, local anesthesia is applied and then the follicles are taken from
    the donor area. The operation is painless and comfortable for the patient. The beard area is washed after 48 hours
    and you can shave after 30 days.
    The results are natural. The marks after the operations may be visible for 10 days, however no one can tell you
    have had an operation once the marks are gone.
    Once the transplantation is complete, you must follow post operative care procedures. During the recovery period,
    you must use the medications and preparations recommended by your doctor. Fifteen days after the process, the
    beard sheds however it will start to grow back in the 2nd month. It can take up to a year before the beard to
    completely established.
    The moustache is the most important factors in the formation of male identity and it can cause serious social
    problem for a person if it is missing. Thinning moustache, no hair growth in the area of the mustache, scar tissue, all
    these problems may create an aesthetic problem for the person. In the case of men not having hair on the upper lip
    or hair loss, the precise treatment is mustache transplantation.
    A person may regret having a mustache transplantation if it has been badly performed. For this reason, the
    person who will be operated must consult with the doctor and ask him questions and get satisfactory answers. This
    shows the importance of consultancy.
    The hairs to be transplanted are taken from the nape region. For this, individual hair roots are taken with 0.6 mm
    punches using FUE method of extraction.
    If only 2-3 grafts are transplanted, the moustache created is very disappointing especially after shaving.
    Therefore the transplantation density must be in a way that allows the follicles to be nourished.
    Local anesthesia is applied to the area before the operation. The duration of the operation performed by
    applying the FUE technique varies according to the volume of the area to be transplanted. After the local anesthesia
    performed in the area where the moustache or beard is to be planted, the channels where the follicles will be
    placed by the expert are carefully opened with the lateral slit technique according to the direction of natural beard

    and moustache. If the transplantation is performed in this way the results are pleasing even after shaving with a
    After the operation, especially the first 3 days the mustache area must be protected.Any movement that may
    cause irritation and damage should be avoided. It is natural to observe redness for the first 3-4 days following the
    operation and this can continue until the end of first month.The redness will become scabs and after a week later, it
    will continue healing. Do not neglect to apply creams to prevent scabbing after the mustache transplantation. You
    can start shaving after 30 days. After 2 months, the hair starts to grow in the area where the transplantation has
    been performed and all the moustache grow back within one year.
    Moustache transplantation is not like hair transplantation. It is absolutely essential to have an experienced team of
    surgeons carry out this procedure.

    FUE Technique and its Advantages
    The Reasons FUE Technique Is Preferred.
    After the hair transplanting operation, people can have their hair cut, once their hair grows back.
    Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the latest hair transplantation technique used in Turkey and in the rest of the world.
    It is a beneficial technique that helps achieve natural results both in taking the hair follicles and in transplanting
    them. As in most of the hair transplantation techniques, FUE is the process of transferring the live hair follicles one
    by one from the donor area, to the transplant area.

    Unlike the FUT method, in this method, the follicular units (grafts) are directly removed from the scalp by special
    punches and micro-motors. This method is known as "non-invasive". In FUE technique, no scalpel is used in the
    donor area, no stitches are inserted, and there is no visible mark left in the area from where the follicles are taken.
    As long as there are no complications, the patients can continue their daily life immediately following the hair
    While the extraction methods are different in FUE and FUT, the transplanting of the obtained follicles is exactly the
    same. With FUE technique, 4000:100000 Follicular unit grafts(2000:5000 )hair follicles can be transplanted in one
    The reasons why Follicular Unit Extraction is preferred:
    After hair transplantation and after the hair has regrown, the patients can have their hair cut short.
    Depending on the anatomy of the region in which the hair is transplanted and from which the hair follicles are taken,
    there is no scarring.
    The FUE technique is preferred for the areas with thinning hair. It is also a suitable method for people who are
    thinning in the temporal area. It can be successfully applied to scarred areas where no hair grows, as well as to the
    beard and mustache areas.
    It is the preferred technique in eyebrow transplantation. As a result of removing cuts from the hair follicles in the
    nape region, it is successfully applied in closing scars formed in the nape region. With the FUE technique, only hair
    follicles between the ears are removed.

    The advantages of the FUE technique
    Hair transplantation can result in a more natural-looking and denser appearance.
    It is a permanent solution for treating moderate to severe hair loss.
    It is a comfortable technique that is designed to ensure patients with the least amount of discomfort, leaving no
    external scars after the procedure.
    FUE hair transplant technique offers patients faster recovery times; They can conveniently return to their daily
    routine and are able to travel one day after the procedure.
    With the right operation plan, no damage will be caused in the donor area and no change in the appearance even
    after multiple operations.
    98% of the transplanted grafts will grow as normal hair.
    Process of Hair Transplantation
    Every technique used in hair transplantation share basic principles.These principles are:
    1. Harvesting hair follicles
    FUE: Individually removing each follicular unit
    2. Creating incisions
    3. Transplanting hair follicles


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    • First, you will meet with our Doctor and carry out your consultation session.
    • Prior to hair transplantation, you will have a preliminary assessment and tests to be carried out.
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    • After you leave the country, our patient representatives will be in contact with you throughout the whole post-operational phase and closely monitor your hair growth process...

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    Hair Mesotherapy

    Hair mesotherapy is the injection of various medicines containing hair minerals and vitamins needed to increase the blood circulation on the scalp. Mesotherapy is an additional method of improving and controlling hair loss. The purpose...

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    FUE Technique and its Advantages

    The Reasons FUE Technique Is Preferred. After the hair transplanting operation, people can have their hair cut, once their hair grows back. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the latest hair transplantation technique used in Turkey...



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      Hair Transplant in Turkey

      Turkey is the first country that comes to mind regarding hair transplantation. After years of scientific studies carried out in laboratory settings throughout the globe, Turkish Doctors are still amongst the early adopters of hair transplantation. Universal Hair Clinic has been performing hair transplantation since 1996.

      You can contact our Clinic that has more than 20 years of experience within the field.

      Are hair transplantation operations painful?

      No, since hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia, you don't feel anypain.

      Can I cut my hair before having a hair transplant procedure?

      Prior to the hair transplant procedure, if you maintain the length of your hair, without havingit cut or shaved, during the consultation session, your doctor will be able to obtain moreinformation and assess your hair loss conditionmore accurately. For this reason it is not recommended to cut your hair before consultation.

      How long does it take to completely recover from a hair transplant procedure?

      FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive operation, and post-operational recovery is veryfast. After the operation, only small scabs on the transplanted area and tiny red dots at thedonor area can be observed. 15 days after the operation, the donor & transplanted area will return to their normalappearance.

      Do you have services for women patients

      Yes, women also suffer from hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia or they might need tostrengthen their existing hair. Hair transplantation or hair treatment services are alsoprovided for our women patients.
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